Covid 19 Information – For Members ONLY!


Over the past couple of weeks, there have been talks between the Welsh Government and Badminton Wales and they have decided that it is now safe for us to start playing again. However, there are strict regulations associated with play restarting which members must adhere to. 

Firstly, every player in Wales, who plays for a club, will need to sign a Covid-19 disclaimer stating that players take responsibility for any risk from returning to club sessions. This document is a requirement of Badminton Wales and must be completed, signed and emailed to prior to booking a club session. Secondly, every player will need to provide up to date contact details (name, address, email, phone number) for the NHS “Track, Trace, Protect” system. As with the attached Covid-19 disclaimer, these details must be provided via email to prior to booking a club session. These details are also a requirement for you to be re-affiliated with Badminton Wales for the upcoming season.

Badminton Wales Rules 

The rules below are mandatory. 

  • All members are expected to strictly adhere to government guidelines and keep up to date in relation to any change to this guidance:
  • If you are in a lockdown county you may not attend club if it is outside your county boundary. E.g Members from Caerphilly and RCT may not attend club.
  • All members must wear a mask while in the sports hall unless they are playing badminton.
  • Arrive ready to play
  • Singles must be played between people from different households. However, players from the same or extended households can play doubles.
  • No sharing of equipment. E.g rackets, clothing, shuttles etc
  • Players must stick to their court. (No swapping to play with someone else who is down on the same night)
  • Players must bring their own hand sanitiser.
  • Sharing shuttles is ok so long as hands are washed thoroughly before and after play with no touching of the face.  
  • Avoid touching other people’s equipment but if you have to put nets up use gloves.
  • No spectators allowed
  • Once training has finished players should leave the club promptly before the next session starts.
  • Following your session, hands should be sanitised and washed as soon as possible.
  • Players must ensure their own equipment is thoroughly cleaned after use.
  • Members are encouraged to remind other members of the guidelines in a gentle way if they witness unsafe practices. Unsafe practices should be reported to the COVID-19 officer or the responsible individual.

Heath Badminton Club

The Sports and Social club is reinstate club nights on 22nd September. Club nights will look a little different. The club will use the two courts at either end of the hall to comply with social distancing rules. The Responsible Individual must go to the front desk to notify the staff that your members have arrived. The Responsible Individual will let other members in through the side doors.

Tuesday and Thursday Court time will be organised into 3 sessions of 50min each. (extra time can be requested through the booking form)

Session 1 -6pm – 6:50pm

Session 2 – 7pm – 7:50pm

(Session 3 –  8pm – 8:50pm) Not for the first couple of weeks.

The 10mins at the end will allow you to pack up, wipe down and leave before the next session starts.  This will accommodate a minimum of 12 players each evening.

You need to arrange to play singles with a named club member then complete a booking form, which will be circulated nearer our return to court. Any problems then please contact Mike Nairn who will allocate you a time slot. No substitution players are allowed unless organised with Mike in advance.

Shuttles will be stored in the cupboard as usual. Hands must be sanitised before collecting a used or new shuttle. Used shuttles must be put in the waste bin or in a used shuttle tube and not left on court at the end of your session.