Want to look super professional and snazzy….??


Well here’s you chance!

The Heath Badminton Club are going to have gorgeous, designer, slim line Yonex t-shirts (no knock off Thai tat that Andy wears!)

We already play the part, we just have to look the part now.

Ladies Yonex T-shirt

Price £14.74

Size – Small / Medium/ Large / XL / XXL


Mens Yonex T-Shirt

Price: £23.11

Size – Medium / Large / XL / XXL


What do you have to do?

Click on the internet link and decide if you’d like one and what size you want

Tell me – that you want one – the size – give me cash or cheque for the price

If you’re not sure on the size, I think YC have them in the shop so you can go try them on.

We will be getting printing on the back so this might be a few extra ££

I’ll chat to you all about it at club but I’d like to put a deadline date of Tuesday 13th November. Otherwise, the season will be over before we get the kit.


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