Heath A vs Nomads A (mixed) 08.01.2015


Match report Heath A vs Nomads A

Despite wet and windy conditions on the first Thursday of January, the go ahead was given for the first Mixed A match of 2015. The reliable heath sports hall remained unmoved by the weather outside, but a storm was soon brewing across the 3 badminton courts as Nomads A arrived.

Due to a horrendous injury (mild strain) to Gary, and Andy securing a lucrative sand deal with arabs overseas, Henry and Laurence had to step up and play for bitter league rivals Mixed A. Gary sat on the sidelines, nursing his injury, which suspiciously looked just like drinking a pint of lager.

Helen and Henry made a formidable partnership, Helen’s clean footwork made up for less than clean verbal outbursts. Henry’s steep deceptive drop shots closed the game further with all 3 games very close but, were unlucky to come away without a result.

Alison and Kevin put aside their (mostly height) differences to begin a close tie against their number 1 pair. Despite some enthralling rallies they too were overpowered to a loss. Laurence and Karina AKA Nana K began their night with a hard fought loss to the number 2 pair. Despite Karina whipping around the court like an arctic fox, and Laurence initiating his unseen-before gameplan of smash everything, they also came away without a result.

All hopes for pride and dignity rested on Kevin and Alison’s final game versus the number 2 pair. By this point Heath were prepared to commence operation “Andy linecalls” but this proved to not be needed. Tactical genius from Kevin, and ruthless interceptions only Alison could pull off, saw the game handed to Heath hospital.

Final score

Nomads A 8 – 1 Heath Hospital A

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