Mixed captain update – Jan 2015


My apologies for going quiet over last week, but immediately after the double defeats in the Cup last week I have been under intense scrutiny from Mr Chairman. Despite both Mixed B & C putting up as stern fight in the quarters of the cup and going down 9-0 & 5-4 respectively, it’s all about the results and the history books in years to come will not care how close the match was but who was triumphant.
Following that evening, Mr King had a call from Mr Chairman at 3am, who had arranged an economy flight out to Scandinavia for Mr King to search out some talent before the transfer window closed. Having spent a week searching for the best talent, King reported in that he had found 2 beauties in Heidi & Claudia whom he happened to bump into when entering a Shakira dance-alike competition! In reporting back Mr Chairman consulted his top financial advisor, Mr Treasurer, to see if we could find the funds for this talent from abroad, but apparently the extra portion of curry that Jo had in the last mixed A v B match had tipped the Heath fund into the red!
So the King has returned and been told to shape up and work hard with the current array of talent he currently has in the squad. There has been talk of changing the team strip from Blue to Pink but there is concern that the female members of the club may be distracted by seeing Matt & Laurence in tight pink tops!
So the King has once again had to fall back on the experience and coaching prowess of The One Donal who will taking the 3 Mixed Squads away to Las Vegas for an intense training programme! for 2 months. Hope your ok with that Rhian!!
Anyway with no just the league to focus on for all teams, the following fixtures will shortly be upon us in February so can all Mixed Players please confirm availability as soon as possible.

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