Message from ‘Dave Cricket’


I am approaching my 60th birthday but rather than have a birthday bash I am cordially inviting everybody to the Tom Maynard Trust cricket match to be held at St Fagans on the 7th August, 2015.

Matthew his father is bringing a team of celebrity cricketers to play the St Fagans 1st team who play in the South Wales Premiere League.

Should you wish to attend the pre match lunchtime banquet you will need to stump up £55.  If you are interested in the lunch you need to get the £55 to me asap.

Otherwise bring your own hampers sit on the outfield and watch the cricket. Bars at the ground will be open both afternoon and evening and even if you can’t get the avo off come up after work  for a couple of shandies. With a bit of luck we should be able to get a bit of a gymanfa going in the evening.

Those who attended the karaoke last year, (supplied famously by the Gutteridges – thanks again) will testify what a great place it is to have a drink.

Just a reminder that St Fagans is children friendly – Isobel only covered her mother Rachel’s ears a couple of times during the karaoke 🙂   – loads of room for kids to run around and even baseball is allowed!!

-If you don’t have Dave’s contact details, get in touch with a member of the Heath Badminton committee-

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