New season message from our Chair


Hello and welcome to another year at the Heath Badminton Club.

Following the AGM and the Finals’ Night, I thought I’d provide you all with a brief update.

Finals’ Night itself was very successful, with some closely fought matches and excellent badminton on display.  In addition to the tournament, the evening was a great social occasion and my thanks to all that came down to support the event.  Congratulations to all who competed on Finals’ Night: the winners of the various categories are below:

·         Ladies’ Singles’ Winner:          Helen

·         Ladies’ Doubles’ Winners:      Eleri and Linda

·         Men’s Singles’ Winner:           Gary

·         Men’s Doubles’ Winners:        Gwyn and Gary

·         Mixed Doubles’ Winners:         Emma and Richard

·         Most Improved Player:             Khan;

·         Player of the Year:                    Simon

Minutes from the AGM will be available soon via email for those of you interested in the discussions that took place.  An election of Committee members was also held: my thanks to those outgoing members who stepped down (Christian and Alison) as well as those members who were elected or retained their positions.  The new Committee for the 2015-16 season looks like this:

·         Mixed Captain:           Gary (re-elected);

·         Men’s Captain:            Phil (re-elected);

·         Ladies’ Captains:       Joanna / Karina (both re-elected);

·         Fixtures Secretary:      Debbie (re-elected);

·         Treasurer:                    Henry (re-elected);

·         Club Secretary:           Gwyn (newly elected);

·         Social Secretaries:     Steph / Laurence (both newly elected);

·         Welfare Officer:           Eleri (re-elected);

·         Chair:                            Mark (re-elected).

If you have any questions, queries or comments relating to the Heath Badminton Club, please contact the relevant member of the Committee above.  If there are issues you would like discussed at a Committee Meeting, please forward these to Gwyn, as Club Secretary.

The Committee are in the process of establishing the teams and players for next season: therefore, you may receive correspondence from the various captains regarding this, if you can respond as requested regarding your availability.  Information regarding teams and selection will be sent out to Club members in due course.

Again, my thanks to all of you for supporting the Club.

Best wishes,


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