Want to look super professional and snazzy….??


Well here’s you chance!

The Heath Badminton Club are going to have gorgeous, designer, slim line Yonex t-shirts (no knock off Thai tat that Andy wears!)

We already play the part, we just have to look the part now.

Ladies Yonex T-shirt

Price £14.74

Size – Small / Medium/ Large / XL / XXL


Mens Yonex T-Shirt

Price: £23.11

Size – Medium / Large / XL / XXL


What do you have to do?

Click on the internet link and decide if you’d like one and what size you want

Tell me – that you want one – the size – give me cash or cheque for the price

If you’re not sure on the size, I think YC have them in the shop so you can go try them on.

We will be getting printing on the back so this might be a few extra ££

I’ll chat to you all about it at club but I’d like to put a deadline date of Tuesday 13th November. Otherwise, the season will be over before we get the kit.


Christmas Social


Hi all!!

We’re going to a have a wee Christmas Social on Tuesday, 4th December, after club in the bar.

If anyone is interested in food (Kingy had some greasy chips in the bar recently that he seemed to enjoy) let me know and we could ask the bar to make us some food.

Alison xx

When a draw isn’t a draw…


After psyching ourselves up all day, it was time for the first royal rumble of the season with our Mixed A’s taking on the B’s. After the smoke blew away we decided badminton was the real winner and the chips in the Heath Sports and Social bar are really good!

New scoring system for Ladies matches


Guidance note for the ladies on the new scoring system:

One point is scored for each rubber won. If match is drawn, 3 rubbers each, both teams get 5 points – 2 points for the draw and 1 point for each rubber
If the match is won, the winning team gets 4 points for the win plus 1 point for each rubber won. The losing team will get 1 point for each rubber won, that is if they win any of course. So the most a winning team could get is 10 points if they win 6-0. If they win 5-1, they get 9 points, losing team 1 point. If they win 4-2, they get 8 points, losing team 2 points

Finals night


Get your pom poms ready, it’s Finals Night at the Heath. Come on down Tues 29th May to show your support and bring some nibbles too!

Social event


Time for a pre-season social. Our lovely social secretary is trying to get everyone organised (no easy task!) to get as many of us together as possible on 17th September for a curry on Crwys Road. Calling all members to check you e-mail and reply ASAP.

New website!


Hello World!

Welcome to our new website. we hope this will reach our fan base of our current memnbers and hopefully generate some new ones. It’s a work in progress so if you have any suggestions of what you would like to see on the site, please use the contact us form (administrator has tested it and it does work!)
Results as they come will be added to the news section and any socials organised will be too.

Happy surfing

Administrator x