Mixed captain update – Jan 2015


My apologies for going quiet over last week, but immediately after the double defeats in the Cup last week I have been under intense scrutiny from Mr Chairman. Despite both Mixed B & C putting up as stern fight in the quarters of the cup and going down 9-0 & 5-4 respectively, it’s all about the results and the history books in years to come will not care how close the match was but who was triumphant.
Following that evening, Mr King had a call from Mr Chairman at 3am, who had arranged an economy flight out to Scandinavia for Mr King to search out some talent before the transfer window closed. Having spent a week searching for the best talent, King reported in that he had found 2 beauties in Heidi & Claudia whom he happened to bump into when entering a Shakira dance-alike competition! In reporting back Mr Chairman consulted his top financial advisor, Mr Treasurer, to see if we could find the funds for this talent from abroad, but apparently the extra portion of curry that Jo had in the last mixed A v B match had tipped the Heath fund into the red!
So the King has returned and been told to shape up and work hard with the current array of talent he currently has in the squad. There has been talk of changing the team strip from Blue to Pink but there is concern that the female members of the club may be distracted by seeing Matt & Laurence in tight pink tops!
So the King has once again had to fall back on the experience and coaching prowess of The One Donal who will taking the 3 Mixed Squads away to Las Vegas for an intense training programme! for 2 months. Hope your ok with that Rhian!!
Anyway with no just the league to focus on for all teams, the following fixtures will shortly be upon us in February so can all Mixed Players please confirm availability as soon as possible.

Bridgend Phoenix vs Heath C (mixed) 15.01.15


Match Report:

The pairings of Callum and Steph, Rhian and Matt, and Mark and Terrie saw the mighty Mixed Heath C travel to the far reaches of Bridgend in a top of the table clash. Despite the gods throwing furious weather to discourage Heath C’s attendance and the wind howling like Jo missing an easy net-kill, all players were present and fired up for what promised to be a closely fought battle. Initial signs were good with even Matt Childs arriving early: the last time this happened was when Matt’s local pub were doing a buy-one-get-one-free offer on real ale and buxom wenches.

The bookies were giving evens on either side taking the victory and it was anticipated that the lead would change hands more times than Terrie changes the colour of her hair in a season.

In preparation for the match, Mark had began a heavy carb-loading programme in early November ’14, taken from the Rick Waller training regime. The government had stated that based on his Christmas calorie consumption, Mark was fast becoming an alternative sustainable energy source and he should burn until 2054.

The pre-match team talk was delivered by our gracious leader, Kingy, who is currently side-lined through a calf injury he sustained whilst shaving his legs. The team talk consisted of Kingy drinking shandy and staring glassy eyed into the middle distance, muttering something about playing Llantrisant A and “you don’t know man, you weren’t there.”

Heath C were ably supported by Alex as tactical consultant and official cheerleader, although the absence of a cheerleading outfit and a set of pompoms were noted by all.

Tricky playing conditions meant that all Heath pairs struggled with timing and there was a definite home advantage for the Bridgend side. Callum and Steph both hit form early, playing some exemplary badminton, taking the first game to give the Heath the upper hand. Callum’s performance was all the more impressive as, on arrival, he realised he’d forgotten his shorts. Despite cries for him to go old-school and play in his vest and pants, a pair of shorts were commandeered to avoid him having to expose his Bob the Builder Y-fronts.

To prove they are not only included in the Heath C side as eye candy, Matt’s positive mental attitude combined with Rhian’s determination meant a closely fought contest against the second pair but they were unfortunately pipped at the post.

Terrie and Mark’s performance in the first game brought into question whether the two had actually ever met before. To say they weren’t on the same page is somewhat of an understatement; they didn’t appear to be in the same library, let alone on the same page. As a result of a lack of court time for this new pairing, the game was lost despite it being surprisingly tight.

The score of 2-1 quickly turned to 3-1, with the threat of the match running away from the Heath faster than Andy going for a shower when exam desks need to be put out. The Heath upped the ante to DEFCON 5 and with Terrie and Mark finally getting their act together and another stellar performance from Callum and Steph, 3-1 became 4-3 to Bridgend.

Home advantage proved to be the deciding factor with Bridgend sneaking the remaining games, despite the final rubbers being fiercely contested and going to three. During these final games, it was felt that the opposition employed particularly unfair and un-sportsman-like tactics: this consisted of the disgraceful practice of the Bridgend team playing better than the Heath pairings and scoring more points than they did.

A stern team talk and a public flogging is expected from the Heath’s own Mr. Miyagi, aka Kingy. With the January transfer window still open and the threat of the mixed captain being called before the committee, the season is balanced on a knife-edge. Perhaps a few free Village Hotel spa passes and unlimited bar tab may prove influential to the committee’s decision and motivation of the players…?

Final score: 6-3 to Bridgend Phoenix.

Heath A vs Nomads A (mixed) 08.01.2015


Match report Heath A vs Nomads A

Despite wet and windy conditions on the first Thursday of January, the go ahead was given for the first Mixed A match of 2015. The reliable heath sports hall remained unmoved by the weather outside, but a storm was soon brewing across the 3 badminton courts as Nomads A arrived.

Due to a horrendous injury (mild strain) to Gary, and Andy securing a lucrative sand deal with arabs overseas, Henry and Laurence had to step up and play for bitter league rivals Mixed A. Gary sat on the sidelines, nursing his injury, which suspiciously looked just like drinking a pint of lager.

Helen and Henry made a formidable partnership, Helen’s clean footwork made up for less than clean verbal outbursts. Henry’s steep deceptive drop shots closed the game further with all 3 games very close but, were unlucky to come away without a result.

Alison and Kevin put aside their (mostly height) differences to begin a close tie against their number 1 pair. Despite some enthralling rallies they too were overpowered to a loss. Laurence and Karina AKA Nana K began their night with a hard fought loss to the number 2 pair. Despite Karina whipping around the court like an arctic fox, and Laurence initiating his unseen-before gameplan of smash everything, they also came away without a result.

All hopes for pride and dignity rested on Kevin and Alison’s final game versus the number 2 pair. By this point Heath were prepared to commence operation “Andy linecalls” but this proved to not be needed. Tactical genius from Kevin, and ruthless interceptions only Alison could pull off, saw the game handed to Heath hospital.

Final score

Nomads A 8 – 1 Heath Hospital A

Finals night and AGM


What a season, full of highs and lows for all. To wrap up the season we have our annual club tournament which is open to all members, allocated nights are in the fixtures calendar. Finals night is on 24th June, please remember to bring food for all to snack on whilst watching the exciting games. We also have our AGM on this night, a few committee posts are available so please get in touch for more details.

C’mon the Heath!


Season has well and truly started with some teams off to a flying start. Others are taking things a bit steadier! The fixtures tab is fully updated for the upcoming matches including locations and start times.

Good luck to all taking part.