AGM 2019


Heath Badminton Club: Annual General Meeting, 02.07.2019


  1. Apologies

Apologies from Phil and Ben this year.

  1. Reports:
    1. 2019 Chairman Report
    2. Fixtures Secretary (Ben)
    3. Secretary (Eleri)
    4. Social Secretary (Christian/ Mark)
    6. Mixed Report 2018 – 2019
    7. Ladies Report (Rhian O)
    8. Mens Report 2018 – 2019

6. Committee nominations

Position  Nominations Appointed 
Chair Steve Miles Steve (Helen + Jo 2nd)
Secretary Eleri Cadogan Eleri (Gary + Rhain 2nd) 
Mixed Captain  Mike Nairn Mike (Ceri 2nd) 
Ladies Captain Karina Williams + Rhian Hamer Karina + Rhain (Sharad 2nd) 
Mens Captain Phil Mayne PhiL (Karina + Helen 2nd) 
Fixtures Sec Ben Roberts Ben (Alex + Mike 2nd) 
Social Sec Gary King

Christian Marks

Gary + Christian (Will + Fearne 2nd) 
Treasure Jo John Jo (Eleri + Mark 2nd) 
Website Eleri Cadogan + Mark Ingle Eleri + Mark (Gary + Ceri 2nd) 

7. Any Other Business

Apologies about the loss of the hall this year due to exams.


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